Real Estate Institute Provides Continuing Education Opportunities for Every Skill Level

Real Estate Institute Provides Continuing Education Opportunities for Every Skill Level

In the state of Pennsylvania, every real estate broker and salesperson must renew their licenses by completing a minimum of 14 hours of continuing education courses.

Like clockwork, Charles Kahn Jr. and his wife Barbara return to the Real Estate Institute at Temple University Center City (TUCC) to complete their continuing education requirement. That would be fairly common for any diligent real estate broker dedicated to their craft except for one small detail.

The Kahns happen to be starting their ninth decade in the Philadelphia region. Charles Kahn Jr. will be 92-years young in July. While others might have considered hanging up their hat and calling it a career decades ago – particularly considered the storied careers the Kahns have enjoyed – Kahn said he has never considered giving it up. He has many things left on his “to do” list and retiring isn’t one of them.

“It’s never entered my mind. I remember as a kid going out on weekends to look at properties with my parents and my brother. Real estate wasn’t for my brother – he didn’t like that people could always change their minds – but I always knew that was what I wanted to do,” said Kahn, who has spent nearly 70 years in the industry while his wife Barbara has a very healthy 35 years with Kahn & Company. “What has always motived me is the opportunity to reach other people and over the years I’ve worked with people from almost every industry and background. I have always been passionate about the City of Philadelphia and have always had a keen interest in the real estate industry in the city.”

Barbara Korns, Director of the Real Estate Institute (REI) at TUCC, said the Kahn’s are “two of the most vibrant and active people I’ve ever met” both inside and outside of the classroom. The Kahns, she said, are happy to share their broad real estate knowledge with their fellow classmates in their continuing education courses and have often shared ideas about “what courses they would find the most interesting.”

“We provide brand new continuing education courses every two years,” said Korns. “We always want the courses to reflect what is happening now in the real estate market.”

The Real Estate Institute is the largest program for professional real estate education in the tri-state region. Kahn said having REI in the heart of the city perfectly suits his needs and interests.

“It is close to our Center City office (Kahn & Co. also has an office in Fort Washington) and very conveniently located. Having a diversity of (continuing education) courses is essential,” he said. “There are so many different real estate topics to cover in and around the city. You have to take a broad view of the industry to be successful.”

Kahn would certainly know. He and Barbara Kahn’s dedication to the real estate industry and the City of Philadelphia is unparalleled.

Charles Kahn Jr. entered the family business (which dates back to 1909) in 1946, after serving in the Marine Corps during World War II and completing his B.S. in Business at Franklin & Marshall College – his son Jim followed is his footsteps in 1983 and is now President of Kahn & Company Real Estate.

During the course of his career, he has been the President of the Philadelphia Board of Realtors, President of The Pennsylvania Association of Realtors and a board member, real estate advisor and chief property consultant for numerous universities and colleges, area hospitals and churches, the Federation of Jewish Agencies, Orders of Sisters, and community organizations such as the Police Athletic League and the YMCA.

Barbara Kahn has specialized in office tenant representation and has exclusively represented the American Heart Association in the Metropolitan Philadelphia Area while additionally serving as a fundraiser for various institutions including Mercy Vocational High School, the American Heart Association and Holy Redeemer Hospital.

Korns said the real estate programs offered through REI are designed to meet the multifaceted needs and interests of its students.

“Our courses are residential and commercially oriented and the goal is always to provide a true sense of continuing education,” she said. “We keep the courses updated, relevant and timely to reflect trends and changes in the real estate profession.”

All REI real estate classes are held at the Temple University Center City Campus, 1515 Market Street, Philadelphia.

A leading resource for professional development, the Real Estate Institute is known for its wide-ranging course selection, which includes classes for professional real estate salespeople, brokers, appraisers and property managers, as well as for people “simply interested in expanding their knowledge about the real estate market,” Korns said.

“Whether it’s buying or selling a home, learning more about property management, investment, law, development or finance, REI offers something for everyone,” she said. “Our faculty members are experts in the real estate industry. Not only do they understand current trends and what’s happening in the marketplace, they are skilled instructors who know how to convey information and generate lively discussion.”

For more information about the Real Estate Institute, including how to earn your Real Estate Salesperson License, Real Estate Broker’s License or renewing a current license, visit or call 215-204-1539. For a complete list of upcoming courses, both in person and online, visit

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